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As one of the top Graduate School of Engineering in France, Ecole Centrale de Nantes has strategically chosen to partner with Medine Group in Mauritius to extend its international presence.

medine & ECN
In line with the national vision to position Mauritius as a Knowledge hub for Africa, Medine Group launched its Education Village in 2012 at Pierrefonds, at crossroads of the west coast and other major towns. The Group will pioneer its 34-hectares campus at the heart of its future Smart City in Flic en Flac.Medine Education Village already hosts a palette of highly-ranked tertiary institutions, opened to both local and international students, but has recently embarked on a new ambitious project: International Campus for Sustainable and Innovative Africa (ICSIA). ICSIA has been designed to provide world-class education to Mauritian and African audiences through partnerships with elite institutions such as Ecole Centrale de Nantes.Medine Group has a market capitalisation of 6.7 billion rupees and is today driven by 4 main businesses: Agriculture, Leisure, Property development and Education.
Ecole Centrale Nantes is a French leading engineering school with more than 100 research, development or innovation contracts and partnerships with world-class companies such as Altran, EADS, GDF Suez or SNCF.Learn more about Medine Education Village
Studying at Mauritius Ecole Centrale will provide students with a unique education model designed around national and international recognition of the programme, innovation and a comprehensive mix of technical expertise with personal development, multicultural skills and industrial experience.

Students will benefit from the prestigious Groupe des Ecoles Centrales Higher Education and Research Institutions network and another group of prestigious institutions of high standard in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and North and South America.

The Pierrefonds Campus boasts a landscaped setting of 9 hectares on which sits the Talents building and a series of classrooms and study rooms featured with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It also hosts a unique 65-seater amphitheatre, offering an outstanding ambience to students.
The campus also comes with a complete offering of student rooms in a unique student residence of 144 rooms in Flic en Flac.

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