Our Commitment

Consistently ranked within the top French engineering schools, Centrale Nantes trains versatile engineers to meet tomorrow’s complex scientific challenges.With an excellent student-faculty ratio of 12:1, the academic staff provide innovative teaching programs of a very high scientific and technical level. Our diverse faculty, many with international backgrounds, includes members of prestigious institutions: the “Institut Universitaire de France” and the French “Académie des Sciences”.

With six renowned research laboratories on campus, Centrale Nantes draws on exceptional research facilities. We have developed advanced technological platforms such as a marine test site, which allows the testing of energy recovery systems via floating wind turbines and wave energy. Such unique facilities give our students direct exposure to innovative research activities.

A member of the Ecoles Centrale Group, Centrale Nantes continues to forge strong academic partnerships within engineering and beyond. Our distinctive alliance with Audencia Business School and Nantes School of Architecture open up new paths in management training and creativity for our student body.

International openness is key to the Centrale Nantes vision. 30% of the student population on campus are foreign students from over 70 different nationalities, pursuing double degree or Erasmus Mundus programs, as well as PhDs. Our exceptional and ever-expanding network of international partners includes over a hundred universities in more than 60 countries across the globe. 

The curriculum requires that every Centrale Nantes student undertake a minimum placement of five months abroad through either study or internship – a period of total immersion that fosters strong adaptability. International openness is enhanced through numerous student activities on campus and student involvement in humanitarian projects.

Professional development lies at the heart of the Centrale Nantes curriculum – 25% of classes are taught by external speakers – with students working in project mode and in close contact with industry throughout their Centrale Nantes career. In their first year the students carry out a group project dealing with real industrial problems in direct collaboration with a company. This initial insight into industry is completed by a series of three internships totaling a minimum of 11 months of industrial placement. The school enjoys a number of corporate partnerships with leading companies and is committed to working alongside them, particularly within the field of innovation through its research activities. 

The high level technical and scientific training is complemented by a strong emphasis on the humanities – incorporating management, social sciences and foreign languages. Thus equipped with a strong managerial culture, Centrale Nantes graduates are capable of placing scientific subjects into a global context incorporating environmental and societal issues.

Beyond imparting technical knowledge and professional skills, Centrale Nantes provides the structure for students to build their personal and career development plans. The school has an established careers service, which, in partnership with Centrale Nantes Alumni network, provides advice and information to students and graduates alike. 


More significantly, each training program can be tailored toward career orientations through the selection of optional courses as well as specializations designed to address major societal issues. Students can choose from amongst twenty technical and eight professional specializations which are followed up directly by an industrial placement in the same field. Multiple opportunities are also available for students to advance their own projects within the framework of learning objectives.


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